Well, I've been working flat out on it for months, and although I missed my 1 December deadline, our new paperback book 'Tarmac Tactics' is now available.

'Tarmac Tactics' is the second book of a series of three written by Kevin Williams of Survival Skills Rider Training looking into motorcycle riding technique. 'Tarmac Tactics' is a book about 'the knowledge'. It directly addresses the problems we find on the road, and shows us how to deal with the everyday and more unusual hazards we might come across, exploring junction collisions, overtaking accidents, cornering crashes and a lot more besides. Whatever your standard of riding from learner to highly experienced, Kevin's insights from years of working as a courier and a full-time instructor are bound to help you cope better with 21st century roads.

'Tarmac Tactics' is a companion to two other books: 'MIND over MOTORCYCLE' and 'Survival Skills'.

'MIND over MOTORCYCLE' is a book which breaks totally new ground. Published in 2011, it deals exclusively with the mental side of riding a motorcycle, including looking at how we learn skills and how our brain can play tricks on us when faced with an emergency.

The forthcoming 'Survival Skills' will cover the application of systematic riding, looking at the techniques of searching for hazards, evaluating them and deciding how to deal with them, before deploying the machine control skills needed to execute a safe planned approach to riding.

As an introductory offer, we've priced the book at 15.99 for the paperback and 11.99 for the ePub ebook, and tonight you can take advantage of an offer from our publishers to get A FURTHER 30% OFF any order by using the coupon code #decktheshelf at the checkout!

I'll let you work out just how cheap that makes our books right now!

So order a copy now and ride with Tarmac Tactics!